THE BRIEF: Start-up company BIB – basic ingredients for baby identified a gap in the market for a simple, natural washing powder, specifically for baby’s clothes and blankets. With 9 simple ingredients and made by hand BIB saw the opportunity to make its mark in this premium space. The brief was to create a simple yet aspirational brand based on its foundations of being ‘back to basics’.

THE SOLUTION: Celebrating the monochrome, BIB was designed to look and be simple. Griffin Grace came up with the gentle curve of the B icon to subtly indicate the maternal love of the mum. The brand had to pull on the heartstrings and drive an emotional purchase from mums wanting the best for the new babies. No grey areas, simple yet aspirational, the packaging also had to stand out in the laundry and ultimately to be put on display. BIB is also an environmentally conscious brand – the consideration of buying a one-off 1kg container then repeat purchases would be packaged in paper bags. This ethos is captured in the communication pieces we designed and rolled out onto all digital platforms.