Inessa box displayed on leafy background

THE BRIEF: To create minimalist and premium branding and packaging for new to market company Inessa – Australian wellness supplements for inner health and beauty.

THE SOLUTION: Looking into the quality of finishes and embellishments the approach was that of purity and simplicity. Housed in a special box that is structured and layered, the packaging had to look extremely aspirational and be something that you would want to keep on display in your bedroom or bathroom, much like a perfume box. The experience of opening the box had to be special. Looking credible was also  a top priority for such a specialised and scientific product. Natures science – depicted in the unfurling plant icon.

Inessa bottle in packaging
Gold Inessa logo
Inessa bottle on wooden tray
Inessa brand brochure mock up
Inessa bottle with honey and foliage
White box mock up of Inessa brand
Inessa gold logo and tagline