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Sydney » June 2024

We love to keep on top of the FMCG trends across Australia, so Nat popped up to Sydney for the day to attend the annual Naturally Good Expo which showcases the latest healthy and sustainable products.
From supplements & vitamins to food & beverage products, there are many established brands including a whole section dedicated to start-ups. Here are a few of Nat’s stand-out products from the day.

Nat's Observations


This category has come A LONG way from jumping vitality fueled women and I am here for it!

Taking a nod from the cosmetic industry, @gettonik supplements look too good to hide away in your cupboard. For me, this would also remind me to actually take them! offers a more bohemian style for an “old school” beauty tonic.


We all know how difficult it is to get noticed when you are one single product sitting on a busy shelf.

@fundaysweets had the most
colourful stand with two walls full of product. Although each pack is a totally different colour, they are instantly recognisable by their consistent format, layout and style.

@hummble created a more muted wall using only three products. The stall owner mentioned to me that they are now taken more seriously after introducing two new products
to the range.


We have noticed for some time that many wine brands create stunning labels with no apparent brand on the front of pack. I’m a sucker for judging a wine by its cover!

@brusselsketjep has an eye-catching range of condiments with a clear brand element (the checkers) but no master logo on the front.

@goodshitsoda – straight from our homeland, NZ – has a brand that looks as though it’s been done on the cheap with a marker and white paper. However, on closer inspection, the attention to detail is slick. The hand written o’s draw you in, while the classic serif offers credibility

Once a hero ingredient, Macha
appears to have had its day. I
overheard an exhibitor say “We can’t even give our Matcha away!”

@take_bioactives Mushrooms were the shiny new ingredient in many products, from Bliss Balls, to snacks to pure powdered form. The majority have a long way to come within the Novel Foods compliancy laws so
definitely a space to watch!

I love a gradient! This was a HUGE trend across many different categories as it can portray different semiotics: blending, dissolving, flavour, calming.

@lovethriveland When we see design trends such as this start to become overused, it is time to retire the gradient tool and look for the next trend.

This is a consistent and very well established trend for health and wellness products. We would love to see some more cost effective options so small businesses can get involved.

@thegoodcompanyau are an innovative dental hygiene brand that supply their product in a reusable glass jar, with compostable refills.

Download our Small Steps to Sustainability document here.


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