Black crown Riff Raff & Co brand

THE BRIEF: Riff Raff & Co sleep toys have been specifically designed to appeal to 3 main sensory cues babies and toddlers rely on for comfort and self-settling. On the back of  huge product success in the Australian market, there was no real consideration for the branding and a holistic look and feel. It lacked impact, memorability and credibility. A brand check up was necessary to future-proof Riff Raff & Co and to create better branded awareness.

THE SOLUTION: Evaluating the existing brand we chose to build further on the current equity of the crown which represented to them a somewhat rebellious nature. We made this iconic shape work harder for the brand by creating a more distinct and powerful lock up. Secondary brand devices were also developed to communicate the unique product attributes. All of these new brand assets work together to make Riff Raff and Co the consumers reason to purchase. A range of box packaging was also designed to further enhance the brand touch points and credibility.

Brochure from Riff Raff & Co
Box, brochure and soft toy from Riff Raff & Co
Black Graphics fro Riff Raff & Co brand
Box and brochure Riff Raff & co
Before and After Riff Raff & Co logos