Wild Polly beer can

THE BRIEF: Canberra locals Tim and Camille Sides have long-dreamed of creating their own craft beer. Their two coeliac sons inspired them to develop a gluten free offer. After years of research and experimenting, they found the perfect combination of pure ancient grains including millet, buckwheat and rice – all of which are naturally gluten free. Entering this saturated market, they approached us to help bring this incredible new product to life.

THE SOLUTION: Wild Polly was born after multiple naming sessions, it expressed the story both of the local wildlife as well as the brand differentiator – ‘Wild’ ancient grains to make gluten free beer. We created the iconic character illustration which works as a signpost for the brand across multiple touchpoints.

Wild Polly Logo mockup on wooden background
Wild Polly Beer Can on wooden background with feathers
Wild Polly Beer Can
Illustration of Upside down cockatoo head with foliage in its crest
Illustration of Wild Polly cockatoo with foliage in it's crest